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Hi and goodbye!

My blog has moved to the site That’s right, I have my own domain now. I hope you will keep on reading and enjoying the new Tindla platform. Much love, Jensku.

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The other day when I got home from work my darling boyfriend informed me he had made some changes to my blog. Haha. Much can happen when your laptop stores all your passwords for you. I do like the banner of the flowers I picked and the background that he made! I will reveal a little secret now, which is that my blog will undergo even bigger changes in the near future. Be prepared… 😉

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Truly blessed!

Pregnant, pregnant, pregnant, pregnant! There. It’s out on every channel now,- at work, at home, on facebook and in my blog. So don’t come and act surprised now the fatter I get next you see me in town, haha.

I hope it is a boy. I have felt the whole time that I’m having a boy, too. My darling boyfriend says the same, but he is sure it is a girl. So the bet is on! 🙂 Of course, I just want a whole and healthy baby. 5th of December is our expected due date.

I want the baby to be really wild and stubborn and crazy. As soon as he turns one and can walk he will hit people with sticks and throw rocks at them. This because it is much better to have a child with fire and spirit, that kind of person will always find his way to manage and cope. I will just have to instruct him what not to do. I much prefer this rather than having to always encourage a shy baby to live, live, live!

I hope to be a mother able to recognise my child’s natural talents and have the skill and wisdom to mould them and help them bloom within my child. I definitely don’t want to always shout “no, no, no” at him or her, trying to force him to change to behave some way or other that I myself find appropriate.

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Jenny pockaj bjommor.

Lily of the valley, in Swedish “liljekonvalj” is the national flower of Finland. Where I’m from on the west coast they only bloom for one or two weeks in June. I found them while getting a little lost on my way home. Was pretty tired and out of it so took the wrong bus to the wrong bus stop and the wrong shortcut, ending up in the exact right place to find the lilies!


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The nerd.

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Le birthday luncheon.

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My favorite restaurant.

Great food. Affordable. Great and superfriendly service. They tend to knock their prices down on their own accord as well as give you extra things that you didn’t order just to be nice. Sweet smiles and many Vietnamese headbows included.

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Great plan.

Step one: buy this fabulous armchair from Riviera Maison. Step two: lure my guy to sit in it with me. Step three: snog his face off.

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